Prestige Puli

The Hungarian Herding Dog

Puli - Andria

Szep-Apati Edes Andria

Bred By
Zolton Farkas
Budapest Hungary

Sire CH Szep Apati Orokos
Dam Porgeloci Alle

CERF Yes - Canine Eye Registration Foundation. This organization evaluates and certifies dogs to be free of congenital eye disease.

OFA Yes - Orthopedic Foundation for Animals. The organization that evaluates and certifies hips and elbows in the USA..

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Hi, My name is Andria.

I came from Hungary in 2011 and made myself right at home....  I love to play with assorted toys and carry them with me most of the time.  My white coat is oh so pretty and I love to be groomed on the table.  They say if I was a human, I would be a Kardashian.... whatever that means.....

I began my show carrer in the Summer of 2012.  Wish me continued luck!!!

Favorite Things
     * Attention
     * And MORE attention.
     * Any toy that makes a noise.

My Pedigree
Prestige Andria
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